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Get Moving!

Posted on October 16, 2017

walkingFrom kids to seniors, everyone needs to incorporate physical activity into their life each day. If you’re worried you don’t have time to meet the CDC’s guidelines, check out these quick and easy ways to get moving each day.

  • Walk or bike instead of driving. If you must drive, park at the end of the parking lot furthest from your destination.
  • Opt for stairs over elevators. If your home has stairs, make more trips to the second story and/or basement.
  • Do you like to binge-watch TV and movies in the evening? Do some leg lifts, crunches and sit-ups while you enjoy your shows.
  • Stand for part of your work day if you usually sit
  • Stay on top of your yard work and housework – vacuuming, mowing, raking, weeding and dusting all burn calories!
  • Get outside and play tag, bike, hike or walk with your partner, kids or friends




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