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‘Kettering Is Home’ Painted Rock Guidelines

Posted on August 22, 2017

painted rocksWe’re thrilled that so many people are eager to hide and find colorful painted rocks in our parks! Kelly from the Habitat Environmental Center put together a quick list of guidelines to make the ‘Kettering Is Home’ rocks craze safe and fun for everyone.

  • Acrylic paint and a polyurethane sealer works perfectly to create your works of art on rocks
  • Add @PlayKettering to the back of your rocks
  • Please leave glitter, googlie eyes and pipe cleaners for other art projects. We want to make sure nothing falls off of your rock that could harm our local wildlife or get into the watershed.
  • Please make sure to hide your masterpieces where a mower can’t find them or where a patron could slip on them.
  • Please do not take any landscaping rocks to use for your art project. Please either buy rocks or find some where they occur naturally
  • Share your creation and where you have found others! Take a picture of your rock or one you have found and post it on Facebook or Twitter. Tag @PlayKettering so that we can see it, too.
  • Don’t forget to Play2Day in Kettering’s parks! Go out and explore your City’s 21 parks by hiding and finding these rock creations
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