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National Parks & Recreation Month Patron Feature: Gayle Ingram

Posted on July 16, 2021

woman and dog in park

Gayle Ingram and her dog Dixie are familiar faces in Kettering’s parks. One of their favorite spaces for their daily walk is Delco Park.

“My favorite memories [of Kettering’s parks] are from when my grandkids were little,” Ingram said. “We’d go to Delco Park to fish and fly kites. We also fished at the pond at Lincoln Park. When I think back to those days, I remember their smiles and their laughter.  It was our happy place!”

Since retiring in 2018, Ingram has enjoyed taking Dixie on walks and exploring the area’s parks. “Delco Park is a peaceful place to go to walk, fish, play, or picnic. My dog and I love walking the bike path or through the grass. We always stop at the Veteran’s Memorial which is both beautiful and educational.  Both my parents have bricks along the walkway,” she said. “I would bring my mom there when she was using a walker. It’s the perfect place for people and dogs to do rehab because it is all paved. You can start with a short route and gradually increase your distance. Everyone is welcome.”

Although Ingram and Dixie had already established their walking routine when the lockdowns began, she said, “During the pandemic, we walked more because parks were one of the safest places to be.  We walked at Delco Park, Lincoln Park, Indian Riffle, Pondview, and State Farm as well as other parks in the region. I noticed a lot more people coming to the parks during this period. I hope they continue to come now that things are getting back to normal.”

“I believe parks are essential to our wellbeing,” Ingram said. “We need fresh air, green space, trees and ponds. There is a joy in watching ducks and geese at the ponds or seeing a turtle sitting on a rock. You can’t help but smile when you see a blue heron or a frog. I love having so many parks close to my house to walk and Dixie loves tracking wild game (bunnies and squirrels) and swimming out to see the ducks.  I love living in the City of Kettering!”

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