Kettering Fitness Patron Spotlight Andy Niekamp!

Posted on January 5, 2024

From the Trails to the Gym: Andy’s Fitness Journey

Avid hiker and Kettering resident Andy may spend most of his time traversing mountain trails, but lately he’s been blazing a new trail at the Kettering Fitness and Wellness Center.
Although his legs were hike-ready, Andy wanted to improve his overall fitness and balance his upper and lower body strength. So in November, he laced up his gym shoes and joined the Kettering fitness center.
Andy admits he felt intimidated at first – worried he wouldn’t know how to use the equipment properly or that he’d feel out of place. But trainer Patty put him at ease right away, designing a custom upper body workout routine to complement Andy’s mountain treks.
Now several weeks in, Andy raves about the supportive fitness community he’s found. The other members go out of their way to make Andy feel welcomed and encouraged.
With his trail name “Captain Blue” and motto “Captain Blue on the move,” it’s clear Andy has found more than just a gym. He’s found camaraderie and motivation to continue pursuing total body health.
So if you see a fit hiker on the trails or a new face at the gym, say hi to Andy. Captain Blue is on the move!

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