Upcoming Programs

Some of our upcoming programs are highlighted on the various program pages (organized by discipline). You can always view our entire program offering in the Activities Guide.  You can find information on programs for senior adults by reading the January/February Lathrem Letter.

We’re proud of the vast array of recreation programs we offer. Programs will tap your imagination,stimulate learning, social interaction, and more.

Whether you’re a brand-new hobbyist or an experienced artist, you’ll find a program to suit your needs. Rosewood offers expert-led classes for a variety of skill levels in many art disciplines

Designed to assist adults of all swim levels to set personal goals and learn the skills to achieve those goals. If you are swimming for the first time, learning a new stroke, refining swim techniques or wanting to swim for sport, our Adult Swimming Programs help you learn the skills necessary to achieve your goals.

It is our mission to provide comprehensive education to foster stewardship, promote sustainability and appreciation of the natural world.

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