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Group Exercise

The Kettering Recreation Complex and Kettering Fitness & Wellness Center offer more than 90 classes each week. Participate in traditional group exercise classes or try one of our new programs like TRX, Cardio Core and Cycling. We also offer classes for youth ages 11 and up to participate including Cardio Cross Training and Weights classes. Annual passes are available or you can pay a drop-in fee to participate. Please check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Group Exercise studio
Group Exercise Lunge

Group Exercise
Managed By: Nancy Boss

Questions on Hours, Pricing or Other Information
Contact the Kettering Recreation Complex at 296-2587
or the Kettering Fitness and Wellness Center at 293-4348

Group Exercise Pricing

Drop-In Pricing

Drop-In ParticipationResidentNon-Resident
Youth (11 -17)$4$8

Pass Pricing

Annual Exercise PassesResidentNon-Resident
Youth (11 -17)$70 / yr
$7.83 / mo.
$105 / yr
$10.75 / mo.
Adult$115/ yr
$11.58 / mo.
$174/ yr
$16.50 / mo.
Lathrem Member $88/ yr
$9.33 / mo.
$132.80/ yr
$13.07/ mo.

Punch Pass

Punch CardResidentNon-Resident
12 Visits$50$100

Class Descriptions

High energy interval training that builds your strength and endurance using a variety of exercises and equipment. When weather permits, classes may be outdoors.

Switch up your cardio training with a variety of workout styles to improve your overall fitness skills. This class will condition your entire body and work some muscles while others rest and recover.

A mix of Pilates, Yoga, and balance exercises to strengthen the core.

Pedal your way through a heart-pumping ride along various terrains, speeds, and intensities motivated by music.

Muscle focused body weight, conditioning, cardio and plyometric moves synced to music.

Cardio and martial arts in one. Get your heart rate up while learning kicks and punches.

Choreographed land aerobics moves with an added warm up and warm down portion using light hand weights.

Choreographed land aerobics moves with intervals of strength equipment such as fit balls, Dyna Bands, tubing and hand weights.

It’s all about the balance of strength and flexibility. Weights, fit balls and tubes are used to build muscle strength with an added emphasis on stretching the muscles after they are loaded.

A class designed to combat the onset of Parkinson’s symptoms by physical exercise. The class is designed for low to high mobility
participants of all levels. Training includes: Boxing, TRX weight training, flexibility and balance.

Perform mat-based movements with emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance.

A powerful fusion of music, strength, and choreography that takes classical Pilates to the next level. POP Pilates is a dance on the mat.

This exhilarating full-body workout uses Ripstix®, lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, POUND® transforms drumming into cardio, conditioning, and strength training.

Start this class with 25 minutes of POUND® drumming cardio, and cool down with a Zumba® calorie-burning dance.

Builds strength, endurance and flexibility with modifications for all fitness levels.

Get your heart rate up doing choreographed dance moves on the step.

Combines high intensity interval training with the science of synced music motivation in every class.

Expect to be challenged! Suspension training uses your body weight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability

Work your body head to toe switching between TRX training and traditional boot camp style exercises to crush an intense interval workout.

Ending the Traditional TRX Class, a longer warm down deep stretch will be added to finish your workout.

Develop strength and stamina through resistance training using your own body weight and a variety of equipment. All major muscle groups, including the core, are targeted using the latest research-based exercise methods.

Connect your body and breath with synchronized movements that leave you feeling centered, grounded, and relaxed.

Combines the benefits of both Yoga and Pilates including core strengthening, muscle toning, flexibility and stress reduction.

A Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness class that blends upbeat Latin, pop, and international rhythms with easy-to-follow moves for a total body workout that feels like a celebration.

The challenge of adding resistance by using light weights to tone and target zones including arms, core and lower body while enjoying the music flavor of a Zumba® class.

Exercise Schedule

This schedule is "live" and updated as changes may occur.
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