Wednesday, February 20, 2019  - All Kettering Youth Basketball practices at ALL locations are canceled.  Adult Basketball at the Barnes building is also canceled.  

Fitness & Wellness Passes

With a variety of pass structures and price points, we are sure to have a pass to meet your needs. 

Yoga Instructor
Aerobics Class

Fitness & Wellness in Kettering
Managed By: Lindsey Curry

Questions on Hours, Pricing or Other Information
Contact the Kettering Recreation Complex at 296-2587
or Contact the Kettering Fitness and Wellness Center at 293-4348

What are you looking to participate in?

Cardiovascular Equipment? Fitness and Free Weights? Group Exercise Classes? Swimming? Ice Skating? or a combination of these? No matter your goals, we have a pass to meet your needs.

Combination Pass

This is the best of all worlds. Combination pass holders have unlimited access to both fitness centers, all drop-in exercise classes, both walk/run tracks, open/lap swim at the main pool, water park admission, use of the spa (KRC) and open skating at Kettering Ice Arena.

Youth (8-17)$132/ yr.
$13 / mo.
$198 / yr.
$18.50 / mo.
Adult$290 / yr.
$26.17 / mo.
$435 / yr.
$38.25 / mo.
Lathrem Member$232/ yr.
$21.33 / mo.
$348/ yr.
$31/ mo.
Family (2 adults, 4 youth)$840/ yr.
$72/ mo.
$1,260 / yr.
$107 / mo.

Fitness Pass

The Fitness Pass gains pass holders unlimited access to both fitness centers, both walk/run tracks, and use of the spa (located at KRC/adults only).

Youth (8-17)$108/ yr.
$11/ mo.
$163/ yr.
$15.58/ mo.
Adult$173/ yr.
$16.42/ mo.
$260/ yr.
$23.67/ mo.
Lathrem Member$138.40/ yr.
$13.53/ mo.
$208/ yr.
$19.33/ mo.
Family (2 adults, 4 youth)$500/ yr.
$43.67/ mo.
$750 / yr.
$64.50/ mo.

Exercise Pass

This pass gains users unlimited access to all drop-in exercise classes as well as the walk/run tracks.

Youth (11-17)$70/ yr.
$7.83/ mo.
$105/ yr.
$10.75/ mo.
Adult$115 / yr.
$174/ yr.
$16.50/ mo.
Lathrem Member$88/ yr.
$9.33/ mo.
$132.80/ yr.
$13.07/ mo.

Fit-Ex Combo Pass

Introducing our newest pass type, the Fit-Ex Combo Pass. This pass provides unlimited access to both fitness centers, the walk/run tracks, spa (KRC only), and all drop-in exercise classes.

Adult$227 / yr.
$20.92 / mo.
 $340/ yr.
$30.33/ mo.
 Lathrem Member $181.60/ yr.
$17.13/ mo.
 $272/ yr.
$24.67/ mo.

12-Visit Punch Pass

We also offer a 12 visit punch pass if an annual membership is not right for you. This pass can be used for 12 visits to the fitness center, group exercise class, walk/run track, open/lap swim or public skate.

 12 Visit Punch PassResidentNon-Resident
Youth (11-17)$40$80

The Fine Print

We pride ourselves on being an approachable resource for fitness without the red tape and contracts. We do however have just a few important guidelines for our pass structures:

  • All Combination, Fitness and Exercise Passes are valid one year from the date of purchase. 
  • Passes are not transferrable.
  • Monthly payment option is a 12-month membership paid in 12 equal installments. 
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