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Kettering Fitness Spotlight: Jessica Bernal, Mom on a Mission!

Posted on April 26, 2024

This week, we turn the spotlight on Jessica Bernal, a fantastic member who proves that dedication to health and fitness can thrive even amidst the busy schedule of a homeschooling mom!
A Year of Commitment
Jessica joined the Kettering Fitness and Wellness Center in June 2023. Since then, she’s become a familiar face, inspiring others with her commitment to her well-being.
Balancing Act: Fitness and Family
As a homeschooling mom, Jessica understands the challenge of carving out “me-time.” But that hasn’t stopped her from prioritizing her health. Thankfully, the gym’s childcare services have been a game-changer!
“The gym drop-off program is a lifesaver,” Jessica shares. “It allows me to focus on my workout while knowing my kids are having fun in a safe environment. This way, we all get a win-win – two great workouts a week!”
Strength Inside and Out
Jessica’s passion for weightlifting shines through. But beyond the physical benefits, she emphasizes the positive impact on her overall well-being. “Maintaining my fitness routine throughout the year has been crucial,” she says. “It allows me to take care of myself mentally and physically, which in turn makes me a better mom and homeschool teacher.”
Looking Forward, Reaching Higher
Jessica embodies the spirit of our fitness community – a place where people from all walks of life strive to be the best versions of themselves. Her journey is an inspiration, and we look forward to cheering her on as she continues to reach her goals!
Always a Champion for Health
Jessica’s commitment to health is a message that resonates with many. She reminds us that taking care of ourselves, even in the midst of busy schedules, is essential. By prioritizing both her physical and mental well-being, Jessica sets a positive example for others, proving that fitness can be a powerful tool for anyone seeking a healthier, happier life!
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