Kettering Fitness Spotlight – Justin Barbarino!

Posted on January 19, 2024

Justin Barbarino has been a member of the Kettering Fitness and Wellness Center for almost two months. He is a 42-year old tattoo artist who has lived in Kettering for close to ten years. Justin is a father of 3 with a wonderful wife. He enjoys car culture, hot rods, and playing music in two bands – Legbone and FBS.
In April 2023, Justin was hospitalized for two months due to congestive heart failure and a collapsed lung. He underwent multiple procedures including lung cleaning and the installation of a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) to help his weakened heart pump blood more efficiently. After overcoming additional heart rhythm issues, Justin was cleared for discharge and was eager to regain his strength through fitness. A funny side-effect of the pump, says Justin, is that he no longer has a discernable pulse any longer… Like a vampire or zombie hahaha!! It’s wonderful that he keeps a good sense of humor through all of this!
Justin is motivated to continue slimming down and building muscle. He aims to participate in local 5K races again like the Ghosts and Goblins run and Turkey Trot. Justin also looks forward to adding rucking competitions and cycling into his fitness regimen. Most importantly, he wants to showcase that disabilities do not have to limit you – with dedication, anyone can achieve their fitness goals.
Justin offers inspiration and a positive reminder: the hardest part is just getting to the gym. Once you’re there and moving, focus on yourself and maintaining a constructive mindset. Your health and fitness journey is for YOU. Justin is grateful he can do what he is able to do after his health scare. His fitness base preceding the incident likely helped save his life. Kettering’s facilities have enabled Justin to stay focused and on-target with his goals. “The weight rooms are great and have plenty of variety and the tracks are fantastic as they provide a place to do walks (and runs eventually, I hope) regardless of the weather conditions,” states Justin.
Justin encourages everyone to be strong and ready for the unexpected battles that life may bring!!

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