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Kettering Fitness Spotlight Mother-Daughter Duo Crushes Goals Together!

Posted on May 10, 2024

This Mother’s Day, we celebrate the inspiring teamwork of Dawn Partin and her daughter, Ashli Brandabur! These incredible women have been part of the Kettering Fitness & Wellness Center family for five years, and their dedication to fitness is truly contagious.

A year and a half ago, they decided to take their workouts to the next level by joining a group personal training program. Their secret weapon? Laughter, a healthy dose of competition, and the expert guidance of their trainer, Coleton.

“We push each other to exceed our goals,” they say. “If Ashli grabs a 12 lb. weight, Dawn is going for 15!” This friendly competition, combined with Coleton’s motivational coaching, has led to incredible results.

They’ve gone from using lighter weights to lifting double the amount, and their push-up reps have doubled as well. Ashli has achieved weight loss, and both have gained significant muscle, feeling stronger and healthier than ever.

But the impact goes beyond their own physical gains. Their commitment to fitness inspires their children to get active too, creating a positive ripple effect within their family.

Dawn and Ashli highlight the thing they love most about Kettering Fitness: the atmosphere. “It’s fun, clean, and encouraging,” they say, “and we’ve met so many friendly people along the way.”

Happy Mother’s Day to Dawn and Ashli, and to all the amazing moms out there! Their story is a testament to the power of shared goals, motivation, and a supportive gym community.

Ready to achieve your own fitness goals? Join us at Kettering Fitness & Wellness Center!

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