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Kettering Fitness Spotlight Nick Johnson!

Posted on February 16, 2024

Nick Johnson has been a dedicated member of the Kettering Recreation Complex (KRC) and Kettering Fitness and Wellness Center since May 2023. Now 33 years old, Nick found a community that embraced his uniqueness and helped him overcome personal obstacles related to living with autism spectrum disorder.
Diagnosed at age 4, Nick struggled to fit in socially throughout his schooling and early professional life due to differences associated with autism. However, the welcoming environment of group fitness classes at the KRC allowed Nick to thrive. Instructors like Amy R. from Pound and R3Bel Strength accepted Nick wholeheartedly. The socialization and relationships formed in these classes gave Nick confidence to appreciate the diversity of life experiences that make each person unique.
The facilities also supported Nick in achieving impressive health and fitness goals over the years. After weighing over 285lbs in college, Nick committed to improving his lifestyle. He lost nearly 100lbs through diet and exercise programs like Insanity. Though the dietary aspect remains a challenge, Nick continues to work hard through weightlifting, cardio, and the wide variety of classes at the KRC.
Some of Nick’s fitness accomplishments include placing first in his age group at a 5K race, attaining a purple belt in Kajukenbo martial arts, and winning a martial arts tournament in the beginner adult division. He thanks instructors like Kevin Crisler and Amy Robinson for introducing him to new fitness techniques and becoming mentors in his journey. Nick hopes to one day become a part-time instructor himself to give back to the community that has given him so much support.
Nick encourages everyone to say hello and get to know him at the facilities. An outgoing and enthusiastic person, he loves expanding his social circle and learning from the diverse walks of life he encounters every day. For Nick, the relationships formed at the KRC are just as important as the fitness itself. His story shows how a supportive community can help individuals overcome challenges and achieve their goals.
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