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Meg Lagodzki: In the Landscape

Meg Lagodzki: In the Landscape
December 2, 2023 – January 6, 2024

Through painting, drawing and collage, Meg Lagodzki (Bloomington, IN) creates her own “iconography of images that tell a story of my relationship to the Midwest landscape.” Lagodzki begins her paintings with plein air sketches. Returning to the same familiar outdoor spaces on multiple occasions she often finds “unique beauty in places where nature reclaims the altered landscape”. Sketches in hand, Lagodzki then translates them into paintings consisting of bits of paper painted reflecting the palette struck from nature. These bits get collaged into richly textured paintings that mirror the landscapes they represent.

Meg Lagodzki, “Spring Creeps into the Quarry,” 2023, hand-painted paper and acrylic
Meg Lagodzki, “Rooted,” 2023, hand-painted paper and acrylic
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