Park Ordinances


• Except for Civic Commons, parks are open only from sunrise to dusk unless posted.
• Civic Commons closes at midnight, unless extended for a Fraze performance.

Restricted Activities

• Wading, swimming, ice skating, boating and golf are not permitted.
• Drugs are not permitted in the parks.
• Intoxicating beverages and beer are not permitted unless sold by permit.
• Any use of league athletic fields must be scheduled through the Parks Maintenance Center 296-2486.
• No admittance to Fraze Pavilion except during events.
• No in-line skating or in-line skates are allowed in Civic Commons.
• No skateboarding or skateboards allowed in Civic Commons.
• Bicycles must be walked within Civic Commons.


• All dogs must be on a leash no more than 10 feet long and must be kept under control.
• Persons must clean up after their dog(s) and must carry a device for this purpose.

Removal and Damage of Property

• Removal, damage or defacing of buildings, structures, natural features, plants, flowers and lawn areas is prohibited.

Depositing of Materials

• Discarding materials in parks or park dumpsters is prohibited.
• Trash must be deposited in containers provided.
• No glass containers are allowed in parks.


• Fires must be built in grills only and must be attended at all times.


• No person may camp in the parks without written permission from the City.


• No person may possess BB guns, archery equipment, fireworks, explosives, model rockets or sling shots.

Commercial Activities

• No person may conduct commercial activities, sales, charge admission, solicit funds or operate games of chance or erect signs in the park.


• Motor vehicles, motorcycles and mopeds are not permitted off of designated roads and parking areas.
• No vehicle is to be left in the parks overnight.
• Horses, minibikes, dirt bikes and ATVs are not permitted in the parks.

Protection of Wildlife

• No person may hunt, trap, feed or endanger animals or birds in any way.


• Persons may not act in a dangerous, disruptive, offensive or noisy manner affecting the safety, peace and good order of the parks and park visitors.
• No loitering in cars, parking lots or any other areas.
• Respect park shelter and tennis court reservations.


• Lawn pesticides may be applied by the Parks crews periodically.


• Any person who violates these rules can be charged with a criminal offense and may be ordered from the park by police or park officials, denied future access and be prosecuted accordingly.
• All park, city, state and federal ordinances apply.

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