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Reni Gower: GEOmatrix: The Perfect Proof

What is unique about your process and how does this define your practice?
I am an interdisciplinary artist who works in many different mediums: i.e. painting, printmaking, papercutting. No matter the medium, I work slowly to create artwork that fosters mindfulness. Enticed through touch, repetition, and beauty, my work also encourages a physical and contemplative slowing down. By embracing the redemptive effect of highly focused methodical work made by hand, my artworks transform a shared encounter into a meditation that quiets the nonstop noise of our time.

What influences your work or your creative process?
My artwork recognizes geometric perfection (Sacred Geometry) as the matrix of the cosmos. Since ancient times, perfect forms (circle, square, and triangle) have been thought to convey sacred and universal truths by reflecting the fractal interconnections of the body and the natural world. One finds these similarities embedded in the decorative designs of all cultures across the globe. Significantly, by incorporating these motifs into contemporary works, one can reveal the cross-cultural bonds of our shared humanity.

So inspired, I produce new geometric iterations based on the traditional patterns and cultural symbols governed by the universality of mathematical perfection. Initially informed by American piece quilts, my studio practice has expanded to include hand cut paper works, cut vinyl or sand installations for windows, doors or the floor also inspired by Celtic knotwork and Islamic tile patterns.

What lessons have you learned from other artists?
I love to collaborate with other artists. Often times, these collaborations lead to surprising solutions that later become independent tracks of research for my solo investigations.

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