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Tiffany Clark, Bonding

June 29 – July 24

Reception: June 28, 2 – 4pm

Collage artist Tiffany Clark, who lives and works in Dayton, exhibits a series of ink and paper collages entitled Bonding. Clark’s work aims to investigate the physiology related to emotional experiences. Clark currently serves as an instructor at Decoy Arts Studio.

Artist Statement:

My work is inspired by both common and personal stories of the human experience such as lust, addiction, love, and grief. I illustrate moments in our lives and the neurochemicals released, hopefully gaining a greater understanding of the science behind our most potent emotions. Using my unique collage style, inspired by my love for chin-colé monoprints and sketching, my images become a surrealistic mix of illustration and anatomy art.

Artist Interview:

What is unique about your process and how does this define your practice?

I try to keep the confident quick line quality of my original sketches. Often using my original sketch as a template,  I strategically cut and glue different tones and textures of papers with an almost sculptural approach. Keeping with the desire to translate the feeling of a sketchbook into a finished piece, I draw over the collage paper using pen and ink.

What influences your work or your creative process?

My work is heavily influenced by my own life experiences and the desire to share those moments or understandings with others. Music is the primary influence in my creative process. I not only use lyrics as titles or visual inspiration for my work,  but I use specific styles of music while cutting, gluing, and sketching to create an energy specific to each process.

What lessons have you learned from other artists?

A seemingly endless list of things I’ve learned from other artists would range from techniques to life metaphors. The artists I love and respect the most haven’t just taught but have shown me the beauty and trials of living as an artist. Sleepless nights are a privilege and joy in order to fulfill our responsibility to create as much work as possible while we have time and inspiration.

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