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McIntyre, Erin, Untitled, 2010

Erin McIntyre Stained Glass
Erin McIntyre, Untitled, 2010, Stained Glass

Erin McIntyre
Untitled, 2010
Stained Glass
Location: CitySites Collection, Government Center South Building, Main Entrance

Erin McIntyre’s primary interest lies in movement and composition through thick and thin lines, colors and shapes, and her stained glass artworks are inspired by the environments they inhabit. “Glass has a unique quality of transparency which changes throughout a day…bright sun reveals colors, evening shadows reveal the patterns and lines,” she wrote. “My pieces, like good architecture, are always constructed with a specific place in mind.”

Erin McIntyre Stained Glass
Installation of Erin McIntyre’s Untitled, 2010

Using the architecture of the Government Center as well as elements from the city and nature nearby, McIntyre’s process was inspired by the seasons and cycles.  “In designing this window, I tried not to compete with the building, but work with it and pick up where the architect, Eugene Betz, had left off,” she wrote. “The existing mullion pattern with its strong diagonals and center oculus point to the outside, giving you a peek of the natural realm around us…The movement circles and cycles, like the seasons–there is no beginning or end, only progress.”

Erin received her Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.  Through architecture, she discovered her love of glass, inspired by shape, volume, context and style.

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