What do I do the day of the appointment?

Be ready at least 30 minutes before your scheduled pick up time. The driver may arrive 30 minutes BEFORE to 15 minutes AFTER your scheduled time, based upon other appointments schedule and your destination.

Please do not leave your home if you cannot see the outside arrival area and do not have a cell phone. The driver will wait five minutes for you to exit your home. One attempt will be made to reach riders by phone if not ready for transport within the five minutes. The driver will assist you into and out of the vehicle, if needed.

The driver will drop you off at the entrance closest to your appointment and continue on with his/her schedule.

Before your vehicle leaves, make sure you have the vehicle cell number card to call when you are ready for pick up.

Driveways must be clear of snow/ice, trash cans or debris for the vans and cars to enter.

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