Rosewood is … For the Creative Economy

Posted on March 6, 2024

The Dance Studio at Rosewood Arts Center.

As a pillar of arts and culture in Kettering for almost 40 years, Rosewood Arts Center serves as an engine for creativity that ripples across the local economy. This economic ripple effect stems from Rosewood’s multifaceted support for working artists and creative professionals.

Each year, Rosewood hires over 60 artists and arts educators to teach hundreds of classes and workshops. It provides a platform for these teachers to share their talents while earning income doing what they love. Many working artists count on Rosewood classes as part of their livelihood.

“Rosewood creates a sense of place and fosters creative expression to build a community that is connected through the arts,” said Shayna McConville, Division Manager of Cultural Arts for the Kettering Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department. “Rosewood is an incubator for thoughtful discussion and stimulates reflection through art to allow for humanizing our community.”

Rosewood also delivers professional development, skills training and economic opportunities for emerging talent. Aspiring artists of all ages attend workshops and camps to explore potential careers in the creative industry. Even seasoned creatives continue honing their craft at Rosewood. Some share that they took their very first art class at Rosewood, sparking a lifelong passion that led them into the broader creative economy.

Showcase events like Art on the Commons draw over 10,000 attendees annually, generating vital exposure and sales for 100+ exhibiting artists. Nearly half of those who participate in Rosewood classes travel from outside Kettering, bringing their talent and dollars into the local economy.

A vibrant arts scene also helps attract new workers and businesses to the community, said City of Kettering Economic Development Manager Amy Schrimpf.

“When companies look to expand operations or site new investment, they often will include the arts and quality of life of a community in the decision process,” she said. “This is because they know they will have an easier time attracting good workers if there are community amenities, including a vibrant arts scene.”

Through instruction, training, residencies, exhibitions, mentorship and more, Rosewood invests in the creative community both within and beyond Kettering. We understand that supporting artists and cultural participation today leads to continued innovation and economic growth for the region tomorrow.

Rosewood is…For the Creative Economy!

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