The City of Kettering and Rosewood Gallery are pleased to present solo exhibitions by artists Deana Bada Maloney and Samantha Simpson. The exhibitions will run from April 12 through May 15. We are also thrilled to welcome these exhibitions in person at Rosewood Gallery. They were originally scheduled to appear in spring 2020 and were presented at that time as an exclusively virtual experience.

Samantha Simpson’s exhibition, Us, Them, It, reflects on popular culture and politics by creating intricate large-scale watercolors of a “complicated, metaphorical world that is populated by predators and prey… It is an imperiled, complex landscape.” Simpson currently lives in Philadelphia, PA.

Tackling environmental issues, Deana Bada Maloney uses ceramics to create sculptural pieces that are “fused with humor and, after some reflection, a little bit of sorrow.” In her exhibition, The Nature We Create Maloney pairs her stoneware sculptures of animals with “found objects” offering clues on how animals are adapting to their altered surroundings. Maloney lives in Downers Grove, IL.

View the virtual gallery for The Nature We Create

Deana Bada Maloney, The Nature We Create

View the virtual gallery for Us, Them, It

Us, It, Them Samantha Simpson

Meet Deana Bada Maloney

Meet Samantha Simpson

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