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Water Activities for Fitness

Here to help you reach your fitness goals, we offer daily drop in and registered water fitness classes on a year round basis.

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water workout

Water Activities for Fitness
Managed By: Cailtin Hayes

Questions on Hours, Pricing or Other Information
Contact the Kettering Recreation Complex at 296-2587

Water Workout Drop-In Pricing

Admission Resident Non-Resident
Youth (11-17) $4.25 $8.50
Adult $5.00 $10.00
Lathrem Member $4.00 $9.00

Water Activities for Fitness

We offer two types of drop-in water activities for fitness, deep water workout and shallow water workout.

Deep Water Workout

This is a basic deep-water class. Benefits include no impact,  improved flexibility, improved muscle strength and  cardiovascular fitness. Belts, hand buoys and noodles are provided.

Shallow Water Workout

This class consists of aerobic routines, stretching and toning performed in chest to shoulder deep water. Not only is this class fun and much less likely to cause injury, the natural buoyancy of the water makes even a beginner feel graceful and competent. The resistance from the water gives you a first-rate workout. No swimming skills necessary.

Fit Swim/Aqua Jogging/Walking

Fitness comes in many forms for different people. Not everyone is a traditional lap swimmer. Some prefer to use an aqua jogging belt and attain their fitness goals or rehab in the form of aqua jogging/walking. We encourage aqua jogging/walking during our normal lap swim times. We ask that "fit swimmers" please share lanes as needed and go in the direction of the lanes rather than across the lanes. Aqua jogging is also permitted in the shallow or deep end, if the opposite end of the pool is ONLY being used for a water workout class.

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