Bee Ambitious!

Discover a neighborhood through sidewalk games with the public artwork Bee Ambitious!

Located in 11 sidewalk squares throughout the Haverstick neighborhood, Bee Ambitious locations include a broken beehive represented in a 29 foot mosaic hopscotch and game board on Mendota Court, with 10 mosaic bees scattered along Tabor Avenue, Reardon Drive, Colton Drive, Gary Drive, Wilmington Pike, and Forrer Boulevard.

Jes McMillan (Dayton, OH)
Bee Ambitious, 2019
Concrete, ceramic, glaze
11 Locations in the Haverstick Neighborhood

bee w glasses
red bee
blue bee

The bees hold clues to a word scramble, with two to three letters found in their wings, and several more letters in the game board. In total, there are nine games that can be played in the artwork!

  • Hopscotch by numbers
  • Hopscotch by letters
  • Advanced hopscotch
  • Long jump
  • Baby bee hop
  • Word scramble (word board below)
  • Tic tac toe
  • Checkers
  • Hidden hearts

Word Scramble


___  ___  ___              ___  ___  ___  ___                  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___          ___  ___  ___


___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___                          ___  ___  ___  ___                  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___

Clue: the first letters of each word are l, y, h, a, d, t, f

Artwork Location Map

artwork location map

About this project

ArtLocal is an initiative of the City of Kettering’s Cultural Arts division. Through Rosewood Arts Centre, which provides arts education opportunities, and CitySites, a percent for art program, ArtLocal is an artist-led, collaborative public art program that strives to reflect Kettering’s unique neighborhoods.

CitySites is a percent for art program recognizing artistic excellence, accessibility to the arts for all people, and the positive impact creativity has on our community and quality of life in the City of Kettering. With over 25 artworks throughout Kettering, CitySites continues to enhance our environment, inspire our residents and celebrate our legacy as a premier city to call home.

Support for this project is made possible by CitySites, the Community  Foundation for Kettering and the Ohio Arts Council. ArtLocal is implemented in partnership with Cities of Service (COS), a City of  Kettering program dedicated to innovative ways to harness the power of volunteers and address critical city needs.

Special thanks to the Haverstick artist committee: Anna Breidenbach, Andy Dailey, Andrew Kraemer, Wil Samson, Tom Robillard and Mary Lou Randolph; Kettering’s Cities of Service team and the Art in Public Places committees.

Our appreciation to the City of Kettering staff including: Chad Ingle, Todd Livesay, Tom Luckett, the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts department, Mayor Donald Patterson and the Kettering City Council.

We are also thankful to the greater community for helping this project happen, including: David Zimmerman, Kim Haverstick, Rachael Foster, Amelia Petreman, Ileana Del Campo-Gray, and Haverstick residents Wil and Beverly Samson, Andrew and Megan Kraemer, Mike Hill, Carissa Hostetler, Judy Reitz, Ashley Alexander Morris, Stan Perry, Tamara and Christopher Ball, and Debbie Smith.

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