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Stephanie Beiser's pottery is heavily influenced by the fusion of Japanese traditional and contemporary ceramic forms and decorative processes. She also enjoys using African art and batik as a source of inspiration when creating her jewelry. (email this artist directly to learn more about their work)

Amy sets out to create pieces that will become a part of your daily life, striving to make items that connect to nature and will be loved by any age, any gender, and will form a connection with the owner. (email this artist directly to learn more about their work)

Christine finds passion in trying to control the uncontrollable firing process of Raku. This process results in one of a kind pieces that are influenced by the fire, the experience and the luck of the potter.

Karen has always felt a deep need to create and make something that is pleasing to the senses, art that creates a little flutter of happiness when someone looks at or uses it. When you look at a new flower and are awed that nature has created something so beautiful. That feeling is what she strives for, through art.

Alison is focused on the evident relationship between food and pottery, and the disconnection that can occur between their origins and final products. Her work is made for the preparation, serving, and display of a meal. Patterns are derived from plant and food growth specific to the object's function.

Todd has been joyfully making pottery for the last 35 years, and has witnessed such huge change in his materials, methods, as his skill improved and discoveries were made. This change is one of Todd's favorite aspects of working with pottery, presenting itself in any number of ways, from relentless trial and error, to the happy accident. Just like the clay's manipulative quality, the evolution of one's artwork is as ever changing as you allow. Throughout it all, Todd has continued to focus on the importance of form and function. Todd enjoys the personal relationship between user and pot. What could be more personal than someone using your mug for their morning cup of coffee? (email this artist directly to learn more about their work)

Jeremy and Mary's work blends the beauty of nature into functional stoneware forms and tile. They are inspired by the natural world and by the work of earlier cultures that crafted beautiful functional objects imbued with symbolism and meaning. We feel that it is important, in our modern fast paced society, to reconnect visually to the natural world.

Jonathan's goal is to create an object , a piece of art , which by its nature has a physical intersection with the patron in their daily lives . Thus by capacity the work imbues connection to the more aesthetic and mentally specific forwarded surface image . Synergistic pairings on multiple levels of awareness engenders a greater sense of worth and value.

Kate's appreciation for nature inspires her to refer to it constantly in designs. Kate strives to make interesting depictions of flowers, insects and animals in a bold and graphic way to enliven one's habitat.

In an attempt to create functional pieces of art, Mark and Amy are always looking at how to take the basic piece and make it shine through shape, color and texture. They are proud to have their pieces displayed in homes adding personality to coffee tables, countertops and fireplace mantles.

Jennifer observes unique ways of how a tree has the ability to overcome any man made obstacle. She also studies the intricate textures that nature can create. She may see this in a stroll through the city park she lives by, deep in the Utah desert on one of her many solo backpacking trips, or while she is hugging a giant redwood in Northern California. She incorporates these observations into her porcelain ceramic work.

Gabrielle fell in love with the world of clay after retirement from the corporate world. She loves being able to create pieces for everyday use which are both functional and artistic. Living by the sea, Gabrielle is inspired by the blues and greens as well as the textures she finds in weaving, which is then translated this into baskets, bowls and boxes through imprinting and glazing.

Greg's motivation stems strongly from the desire to create a very aesthetically pleasing form meant to be used on a daily basis.

Richard's work is unique, whimsical, and functional. Striving for one of a kind durable pieces that bring a smile, using fun characters as part of each piece. (email this artist directly to learn more about their work)

Inspired by the long tradition of the Ohio Valley potters dating back pre-Colonial times Jason carries on in their footsteps, having perfected the rare technique of glaze trailing This requires specially formulated glazes that are thickened and trailed onto bisque pottery, giving the design a 3-D effect for both highly decorative and functional pieces.

Just as primitive man made vessels of clay for daily use, Nick too is driven to create forms that have a purpose. Each functional ceramic vessel is created to be truly one-of-a-kind, standing firmly on its own artistic merit. While function is always top of mind, the aesthetic of the final composition is his strongest goal. Nick is inspired to create a work of art that is both exciting to view and exciting to touch.(email this artist directly to learn more about their work)

Since receiving her BFA from Kent State University Melisa has completed two ceramicresidency programs and worked as a studio technician at a University and awell established studio. She now owns her own studio and does art shows fulltime. Melisa is inspired by everything from graffiti to nature.

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