Fitness Patron Spotlight: Megan Siens

Posted on September 1, 2023

Give a big hello to our Kettering Fitness Patron Spotlight Megan Siens!!
Meg, husband Adam and their dog Bruce have been residents of Kettering for many years. They have been members of the Kettering Rec and KFWC for about a year now. They often play disc golf at Indian Riffle, walk the Rec center’s indoor track and use the fitness facilities. Meg loves swimming indoors when the lanes are open.
About 8 years ago, a horseback riding incident left her back in shambles. After 8 years of various attempts at healing and managing her pain, she figured chronic pain would be a part of the rest of her life. She knew strength training would help but she didn’t know enough about it to confidently and safely pursue it on her own. By getting more involved at the Kettering Rec and getting a personal trainer she is stronger than ever before! Her pain is minimal and she’s getting better every day!
Her goal is to gain the strength and confidence to meet life’s goals without the weight of chronic pain.
In Meg’s words, “I am so grateful for Kettering Rec , KFWC and especially my personal trainer, Hannah!”

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