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Victoria's jewelry designs are mostly influenced by nature & the stones in use. Work is fabricated, shaped & formed, hammer texture soldered & polished. She uses sterling silver & 14kt gold in sheet & wire of different gauges, as well as hand cut and polished stones. All her pieces are hand wrought and one of a kind. (email this artist directly to learn more about their work)

Susie's inspiration for jewelry design comes from the influence of art history and the story that jewelry has told through generations. People have adorned themselves with jewelry for generations and Susie works to continue this evolving process of creating a story.

Sandra and David seek to design jewelry which expresses a sculptural quality while simultaneously meeting the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Matt recycles watch parts and gemstones to make traditional jewelry with a modern twist. Gemstones and watch insides are retrieved from jewelers that scrap the original gold settings.

Julie is inspired by Native American Culture and nature. Her work focuses on a lot of earthy colors and Nature themes.

Jessica's motivation for making jewelry is to extend a creative vision into a physical object of beauty and be able to share it with others. Jessica is process oriented, and inspired through the tactile manipulation of the materials with which she works.

Wind blowing through open windows, paths that wander aimlessly, and other abstract fantasies find their way into Jeni’s work offering potential narratives for the wearer to adopt. Enameling’s luminous and richly colored hues contrast with the subtle palette of raw mixed metals which can sing with only a touch of paint or patina. She finds working back and forth between these two mediums engaging. Architecture and dance are Jeni’s core and she finds creating jewelry elements that move or interact with their owner highly satisfying. As for working methodologies; the patience of developing an idea via multiple iterations is primary, with infusions of insights that come unexpectedly. Formal analysis and raw intuition merge to bring pure 3 dimensional pleasure to both artist and client.

John and Maryann intend for their work to be a continuation of the age old craft of metalsmithing and the desire of people to adorn themselves with art and beauty. Each piece of our jewelry is truly one of a kind, emphasizing meticulous craftsmanship and durability so every ring,bracelet,necklace or earring can be worn daily for many,many years. John and Maryann are inspired by nature,and are influenced by any and every type of art! (email this artist directly to learn more about their work)

Traditional jewelry is nice but comes at a cost! Taking what trees provide and converting them into vibrant, colorful products not only makes the average person stand out but keeps mother earth healthy.

Margaret creates one-of-a-kind jewelry using original designs to provide a confidence boost and conversation starter for all who wear them. Her pieces use semi-/precious gemstones & metals to catch the eye & include little secrets like peek-a-boo windows.

Diane takes her inspiration from nature, creating organic, sculptural, one of a kind wearable art. While working with sterling, she feels as if she is communing with Mother Earth. Adding natural gemstones, minerals and pearls ties the wearer to the earth.

A jeweler and working artist for over 35 years, Sonja is grateful and honored each time someone values her designs and chooses to identify themselves, family or friends with her jewelry. (email this artist directly to learn more about their work)

As a multi-disciplinary designer with a background in architecture Deborah approaches each design through order, color and form. Her most recent work expresses a play with light, dimension and surface formations; using steel as the canvas, the torch as a brush and a mix of metals for a paint palette.

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