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Kettering Fitness Instructor Spotlight: Karianne Dill!

Posted on March 29, 2024

For Karianne Dill, becoming a group exercise instructor at the Kettering Recreation Complex was a way to “pay it forward” after attending classes herself and seeing the supportive, encouraging environment the instructors created. Dill joined the city’s instructing team in September 2023.
“Prior to becoming an instructor, I attended several group exercise classes. I had my limitations and challenges at times, but the instructors were always supportive and very encouraging,” Dill said. “I would leave those classes feeling happy and confident. I wanted to pass along those same positive vibes to others.”
Now teaching her own classes, Dill most enjoys the interactions with patrons and watching them motivate each other during the workouts. Her goal is cultivating an inclusive atmosphere where all fitness levels feel welcome.
“The ideal patron is one who is kind and accepting of other patrons,” she said. “It’s important we respect and support one another as we work toward our individual fitness goals.”
One recent moment solidified Dill’s sense of purpose as an instructor. After a class, a patron approached her to share their weight loss achievements.
“They told me, ‘Thank you. Your classes are going to help me keep the weight off,’ ” Dill recalled. “I felt so inspired knowing I could play a small role in someone’s healthy journey. It reminded me of a great movie quote: ‘Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives.’ “
Through motivating words, a judgment-free zone and challenging workout routines, Dill hopes to have a positive ripple effect on her patrons’ mental and physical wellbeing. For her, that’s the biggest reward of instructing group fitness classes at the rec complex!
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