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Kettering Fitness Patron Spotlight: Scott Goss!

Posted on April 19, 2024

This week, we shine the spotlight on Scott Goss, a dedicated patron of the Kettering Recreation Complex (KRC). Scott, originally from Toledo, spent eight years serving in the Army before relocating to Dayton from Charleston, SC, about a year ago. He joined the KRC in October and has been an active participant in our group exercise classes ever since.
Despite facing personal obstacles, including lower extremity issues and a surgery, Scott has found motivation and support through our fitness facilities. Initially drawn to the pool and weight room, he has since discovered the benefits of our group exercise classes. “Ben’s Boot Camp class is very enjoyable (though he can’t be trusted when he says we won’t be doing burpees),” Scott says with a chuckle. “His class has improved my cardio without putting a lot of stress on my lower body. I don’t huff-n-puff as much going up the stairs at work. (Thanks Ben!!)”
Scott’s progress has been remarkable, and he attributes part of his success to the welcoming community at KRC. “What I like about the KRC, besides the staff, are the other patrons,” he says. “There are a lot of regulars, and it’s nice to see people interact in a positive way. Rhonda, Kathy, Hannah, Jacob, and the rest of the crew are a fun bunch and have made me feel welcome and a part of the KRC community.”
One particular patron who has inspired Scott is Walter, a nonagenarian he met at KRC. “Ultimately, my goal is to walk in to my 90’s like Walter, but I’ve got a while to go yet,” Scott remarks admiringly.
With his sights set on continuing to improve his fitness, flexibility, and overall well-being, Scott is an inspiration to us all. “Keep up the good work, everyone!” he encourages.
We are proud to have Scott as part of our KRC family and look forward to supporting him on his journey to a healthier, more active lifestyle!

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