Kettering Fitness Spotlight: Kim Whitehead!

Posted on December 22, 2023

The Kettering Parks and Recreation department is spotlighting one of their most popular and longest-standing fitness instructors this month – Kim Whitehead. Kim has been teaching registered yoga classes for the city since 1998 and eventually expanded her teaching to cover other exercise types like TRX/Deep Stretch, Cycling, and a Chair Exercise class at the Senior Center.
Kim first discovered the benefits of yoga when using it to rehab an unresolved injury. She found the mind-body practice greatly improved her overall quality of life. Kim now focuses on movement modalities like yoga, Pilates, and tai chi that incorporate both stretching and relaxation techniques. In her opinion, a healthy lifestyle requires a balance of weight training, cardio exercise, stretching, and relaxation practices. She also believes that exercising in a group setting has additional health benefits like camaraderie and friendship.
In her classes, Kim emphasizes moving in alignment with one’s body and using props and supports to achieve a healthy posture. Her favorite teaching moments are when students feel the difference this proper alignment makes. In the senior chair exercise class, she likes to incorporate experiential anatomy lessons to help improve exercise form.
So if you’re looking for an experienced instructor focused on both physical and mental wellbeing, look no further than Kim’s classes!

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