Kettering Fitness Spotlight Lacy Drake and Nancy Romine!

Posted on December 15, 2023

Mother-daughter duo stay fit together at the Kettering Rec Center! 💪💪 When it comes to working out, the duo of Lacy Drake and Nancy Romine proves that exercise can be a family affair. Lacy and her mother Nancy have been fitness partners for over 10 years, and officially joined the Kettering Recreation Center about a year ago.
“It’s a great space for us to work out together,” says Lacy. “We really enjoy seeing the regulars and staff members each time we come in.”
Exercising together keeps Lacy and Nancy motivated to stay on track with their fitness goals, which can be difficult with their busy schedules. Having a consistent workout buddy provides accountability. Their joint gym sessions have brought them closer and given them quality time to bond while improving both their physical and mental health.
“At my age, staying as healthy as possible is so important,” says Nancy. “I want to be active and keep up with my grandkids!”
Lacy, a lifelong athlete and coach, prioritizes modeling a strong and healthy lifestyle for her two daughters. “Being a fit mom is my number one priority!” she says.
Lacy and Nancy feel fortunate to have the ability to exercise and have never taken that for granted. They look forward to enjoying many more years of fitness and family time at the Kettering Recreation Center.
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