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Kettering Fitness Spotlight: Stephanie Anderson

Posted on May 3, 2024

Finding Fitness and Community at the Kettering Recreation Complex
This week’s Kettering Fitness Spotlight shines on Stephanie Anderson, a member who has found not only physical well-being but also a strong sense of community at the Kettering Recreation Complex (KRC).
Stephanie, a resident of Kettering since 2015, moved here from New Orleans, Louisiana. She has lived in different parts of the U.S. and even spent time living in Italy and Great Britain, but feels most at home in Kettering. Stephanie joined the KRC a year ago with a two-fold goal: to stay healthy for her son William, who has autism, and to train for races that support autism research.
Hitting the Ground Running (Literally!)
Stephanie’s dedication paid off quickly. Her first race since joining the KRC resulted in a 1st place finish in her age group and a 3rd place overall. This achievement is a testament to the KRC’s well-maintained equipment, readily available treadmills, and supportive environment.
Supportive Community Leads to Injury Prevention
A mid-year ankle injury could have derailed Stephanie’s progress. However, the supportive community at the KRC came to the rescue. Fellow patrons and trainers offered valuable advice that helped Stephanie prevent future injuries.
Looking Forward: Strength Training and Half Marathon Goals
With her speed and distance goals met, Stephanie aims to maintain her fitness with regular visits to the KRC. She’s also considering adding weight/strength training with a personal trainer to prepare for her next challenge: a half marathon.
Beyond Fitness: Building Connections in Kettering
While fitness was Stephanie’s initial motivation, the KRC has become much more. It’s a place where she’s built strong connections with diverse members of the Kettering community, including school board members, artists, police officers, and fellow parents navigating the challenges of raising children with autism. These connections have provided valuable insights and even led Stephanie to participate in the Kettering Citizen Police Academy – an experience she wouldn’t have had without the KRC community.
Stephanie’s story exemplifies how the Kettering Recreation Complex goes beyond just fitness. It’s a hub for building a healthy lifestyle and a strong sense of community.
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