Kettering Fitness Spotlight: Valerie Todd!

Posted on January 16, 2024

Valerie Todd has been a dedicated member of the Kettering Fitness and Wellness Center since August 2018. As a 57-year-old mother of 3 and grandmother to one amazing granddaughter, Valerie stays active through group fitness classes and running races with her fellow gym members who have become like family. She refers to herself as a therapist with a traveling problem!
Valerie stayed in the area with her husband after he retired from the Air Force in 2016. Their youngest daughter Sophie is a junior at Oakwood and works as a lifeguard at the rec center, so joining Kettering Fitness was a natural choice to stay active as a family.
Valerie first discovered the gym after her beloved crossFit gym closed in 2018. While it was hard to lose her tight-knit fitness community, she luckily found a new group of encouraging, funny, and motivated members at Kettering. She affectionately refers to her “morning crew” of familiar faces like Tammy, Mike, Angie, Gretchen, Todd, Pete, Anthony and Kelsey who brave the wee opening hours to welcome her warmly each morning.
At 57, Valerie’s fitness goals now focus more on maintaining mobility and running and for her mental health. She has completed a full marathon, several half marathons, and two Ragnar relay races since joining Kettering. Her longtime running partner and fellow member Kristen P helps keep her motivated to train!
Valerie says the social community at Kettering Fitness & Wellness Center is what inspires her to keep coming back day after day. She is grateful for the friendships she’s made and feels supported in all areas of fitness and life. For Valerie, staying active with her gym family is about more than just physical health – it’s essential for her mental health as well!!

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