Meet Tracy McElfresh! Our Kettering Fitness Spotlight

Posted on March 1, 2024

Tracy has been attending group exercise classes at the Kettering Recreation Complex since 2020. After Covid, her friend and yoga instructor Jessica Roller encouraged her to take a class. Tracy has been hooked ever since due to the effective workouts and supportive instructor-led environment. She especially enjoys boot camp with instructor Ben!

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Tracy says the class schedule is extremely convenient which has helped her overcome personal obstacles to maintain a regular fitness routine. The Kettering Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts fitness community has made her journey enjoyable.
Tracy’s fitness regimen has paid off with compliments from her doctor about her health during checkups. Her husband has also noticed she’s always in a better mood after a good workout.

The group exercise classes are a hit with Tracy because of the fantastic instructors who ensure participants get the most out of each session while keeping things fun. She was pleasantly surprised after starting her first TRX class last Saturday and can’t wait to go back!

Tracy’s fitness journey is proof that a supportive community and expert instruction are key to overcoming obstacles and meeting your health goals. The Kettering Recreation Complex offers a welcoming environment for people of all fitness levels. Join Tracy and the Kettering community in bettering your health and wellbeing!

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