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Terri is inspired by everything around her, and by the vision of artists who have gone before. She is continually motivated by her desire to create beautiful art that is appreciated by those who view it. (email this artist directly to learn more about their work)

Carol's inspiration is joy! Colorful, vivid mosaics make people smile, and that is the greatest gift of all. Carol's pieces are meant to sparkle in the sun, they are meant to be touched and felt, and they are meant to be accessible. Color is essential in our lives, and there is entirely too much beige in this world. Carol's on a crusade to change that!

Creativity and function are merged in Corie's art, as she is inspired by reclaiming old furniture and giving it new life with detailed painting. She is especially attracted to the architecture of buildings and store fronts, drawing inspiration travels in Europe and beachy coasts. Capturing the quaint details of a front door setting, the charm of a window design with sophisticated color palettes, attention to detail, and high quality execution set her work apart.

Andrew has spent years creating comics, illustrations and designs for companies. This work has inspired him to take illustrations and turn them into fun cartoon art pieces.

John creates stained glass enriched with carefully selected plant material, recycled glass, wood, copper wire, and preserved plant material. These all come together to create one of a kind pieces of art. (email this artist directly to learn more about their work)

Having 4 dogs, 2 cats and 4 teenage boys inspiration is everywhere for Jamie. She's very inspired by following people who share everyday life with their pets. Jamie is also involved in donating to rescues to help pay for vet bills. Jamie often includes real rescue pets in her art.

Peggy is drawn to uncover a masterpiece in the broken, discarded, or unused pieces of daily life. Her influences include the narrative and symbolic images of religious mosaic works made of stone during the early Byzantine empire, as well as the Impressionist artists' use of fragmented color application and portrayal of light in everyday life settings.

Completely self taught and heavily influenced by the abstract beauty of trees and nature. Amy and Mark's work combines the natural element of wood and beloved stained glass, forging a new thought process in how stained glass and wood can be incorporated together to create a truly original work of art.

Loretta has been drawing since she was a young child, always desiring to interpret the beauty and wonder of nature through art. She has dedicated most of her life to art, and continues to cultivate, produce and share her gifts with anyone and everyone.

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