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Each of Dawna's paintings tells a story in a whimsical manner. Her current paintings feature cats and dogs in an anthropomorphic style; giving them human characteristics.

Karl uses very special skill to create work with all different kind of rice papers.

Wendy describes herself as a gypsy artist at heart with a love for the colors and textures of the urban landscape. In particular, she loves the decomposition of such hard surfaces as concrete and metals.

Gae is inspired by the amazing color of life, the splendor and curiosity of nature. Painting the natural world allows her to share her love of the outdoors and the beauty within it. The act of painting reveals such an incredibly intimate view of the exquisite detail in God's creations. Gae's goal is to brighten a day, lift spirits, and bring a smile with her whimsical designs.

Anne is a representational impressionist, painting in oils. She uses a palette knife exclusively. She is inspired by light both on land and creatures. Her favorite painter is J. Sorolla, as he painted fast and en plein air to obtain his beautiful color and effects. Anne is dedicated to painting and teaching daily, improving and learning from the teaching process.

Priya’s art is born from her frequent migraines. With the onset of each episode, colors and shapes emerge in her mind’e eye, doing a slow, animated dance. Each painting can be thought of as a snapshot of different moments form these visions. Priya says that completing a painting acts as a release, and affirms that the mind can do more than just process pain: It can transform pain into beauty. Priya’s works are in private and corporate collections around the country. She speaks regularly to art therapy groups, in the hope that her creative approach to pain can offer comfort, and perhaps a way out of pain and trauma.

Inspiration comes from nature, crows and prairies. Prairies because of their linear, sculptural forms that invite an abstract approach combined with drawing, emphasizing the relationships between the positive/negative areas. Crows because they invite experimentation without judgement. Both are integral parts of the environment. (email this artist directly to learn more about their work)

A love of the outdoors, as well as story and myth, inspire Carrie's detailed paintings of insects, small animals and birds. Natural surroundings are key to our well-being. Carrie hopes to inspire appreciation of them and their inhabitants through her work.

Clinton paints to explore the geometric interplay of the modern built environment. Informed by the clean lines and bold shapes of the early 20th century American Precisionist painters, Clint adds intense color and shadow to celebrate the monumental richness of the everyday.

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