The City of Kettering Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department COVID-19 safety information can be found at


Kettering City Council Elected Officials 937-296-2416 Email
Mark Schwieterman City Manager City Staff Contacts 937-296-2412 Email
Steven Bergstresser Assistant City Manager City Staff Contacts 937-296-2412 Email
Mary Beth O’Dell Director of Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts Administration 937-296-2454 Email
Lindsey Lipinski Secretary Administration 937-296-2454 Email
Shauna Lewallen Recreation Superintendent Administration 937-296-3341 Email
Shayna McConville Division Manager of Cultural Arts Cultural Arts Division 937-296-0294 Email
Christopher George KRC/CIL Facility Manager Recreation Facilities Division 937-296-3375 Email
Drew Corbett Recreation Manager Recreation & Fitness Division 937-296-3280 Email
Gary Schussler Parks Superintendent Parks Division 937-296-2486 Email
Rachel Sherwood Fraze Pavilion Operations Manager Cultural Arts Division 937-296-3300 Email
Kerri Miles Environmental Education Coordinator Parks Division 937-296-2477 Email
Tony Habart Ice Arena Manager Recreation Facilities Division 937-296-3309 Email
Beth Brubaker Polen Farm Coordinator Recreation Facilities Division 937-296-5787 Email
Addie Weaver Program and Event Supervisor Recreation & Fitness Division 937-534-7115 Email
Jake Hensel Sports Supervisor Recreation & Fitness Division 937-296-3344 Email
Lindsey Curry Fitness and Wellness Supervisor Recreation & Fitness Division 937-296-3224 x.1268 Email
Jennifer Giessler Senior & Adult Program Supervisor Recreation Facilities Division 937-296-4372 Email
Matt Byrd Parks Manager Parks Division 937-296-2486 Email
Barry Sanders Parks Manager Parks Division 937-296-2486 Email
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