Program cancellation and facility closure information guide

Posted on August 29, 2017

snowswoodWondering if your softball game is canceled? Is the Kettering Recreation Complex closed due to snow? We’ve made a couple of changes to how we communicate that information. Here are the details, courtesy of Division Manager of Recreation Facilities, Sonja Rom.

How does the new communication chain make it easier to find information?

The goal was to streamline the process and give our patrons two options to check for Inclement Weather updates.  Option One:  Patrons can check the website and Option Two:  Patrons can have the information sent to their phones through the mobile app.

How is a cancellation decision made? What are the most common reasons for cancellations?

Kettering Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department makes decisions based on the severity of driving and weather conditions, along with its ability to keep the sidewalks and parking lots in good condition. In the event of inclement weather conditions, PRCA may cancel programs/activities/special events, drop-in activities and/or close facilities based on the severity of the situation.

How do we let people know if classes/events are canceled and if facilities are closed?

  • Our website at (An alert will display at the top of the page)
  • The free PlayKettering App, available to both Android and Apple operating systems (via push notifications)

What about programs that follow the Kettering City Schools calendar?

PRCA does offer two programs that follow the Kettering City Schools Calendar and cancellation policy. They are Kettering Youth Basketball and Home School Gym at the Kettering Recreation Complex.

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