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Deana Bada Maloney, The Nature We Create

maloney art
Splitting Hare, 2018, Stoneware, glaze and found objects

Samantha Simpson’s exhibition, Us, Them, It, and Deana Bada Maloney’s exhibition, The Nature We Create, were originally scheduled to be on view in Rosewood Gallery from April 13 through May 17, 2020. Due to COVID-19-related closures, this exhibition will be rescheduled for in-person viewing.

While these two exhibitions, like most art, are best seen in person, please visit our virtual gallery for a taste of what is to come. For perspective, Simpson’s pieces are roughly 4 ft. by 8 ft., and Maloney’s sculptures feature many sides — unlike these single plane images. For more information, please view their websites at and

We can’t wait to present their work on the walls and pedestals at Rosewood Gallery at a future date.

About The Nature We Create

In my work, I have consistently made imagery that puts into focus the “Nature We Create,” showing animals having to adapt to our landfill problem.  With these pieces, I hope to engage the viewer with the humorous feel and title, but then have them reflect on the true sadness of each piece.

-Deana Bada Maloney

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