Holyoke Beth and Kaethi Seidl, EGG, 2010

The Egg
Image courtesy of Mark Flatch

Beth Holyoke and Käthi Seidl
EGG, 2010
Concrete, ceramic, glaze, glass
Location: J.F. Kennedy Park, Kettering

Beth Holyoke and Käthi Seidl worked with the community surrounding Kennedy Park in Kettering to design a larger-than-life egg, covered in hand-made mosaic tiles.

Through a public meeting, Kennedy Park neighbors and  Kettering residents planned the theme of the project to reflect the adjacent historic site of Polen Farm.  Individuals expressed their desire to reflect their memories of the farm and what the park means to them today.

A series of over a dozen community, public school, and adult special needs workshops were conducted for all ages.  A total of 1500 tiles were produced by 500 individuals and permanently attached to the form.

Beth Hoyoke and Käthi Seidl are artists living and working in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Holyoke is a Yellow Springs native and studied sculpture at Georgia State in Atlanta, and has taught across the region, including at Earlham College, Mills Lawn Elementary, the Dayton Art Institute. Seidl was born in Munich, Germany and learned pottery at John Bryan Community Pottery studio when she moved to Yellow Springs in the 1990s.

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