Wednesday, May 29th - Due to chilly temperatures, Adventure Reef Water Park will be closed for the day.

How do I pay for each trip?

First time users must be registered at least one week prior to their first ride and a Rider’s Card must be purchased before making an appointment.

Cards can be purchased in the amounts of $12, $24 and $48. When you schedule your trip and will need a new card tell the dispatcher and the driver will bring the card with him/her to your next ride.

To make a credit card payment, you must call 937-307-8374 between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. and be comfortable giving your credit card information over the phone.

The number of rides per card will vary according to the amount purchased and distance traveled. $4/round trip for shopping and trips to PRCA sponsored events and facilities; $6/round trip for personal trips within Kettering city limits; $10/round trip for personal trips outside of Kettering city limits and within prescribed area as outlined in Policies and Procedures information.

Riders must present a Rider’s Card to the driver at the beginning of each trip.  The Driver will deduct the amount of the ride from the card.

Unused cards do not expire. Lost cards will not be replaced. A new card must be purchased in order to schedule rides. Cards are non-refundable.

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