How To: Pinwheel

Art From Home returns! Today, our facility coordinator, Heather Lea Reid, has a fun pinwheel project that’s perfect for summer. Read through the instructions below, then check out her video tutorial!


  • 2 sheets of heavy weight paper – contrasting colors
  • Glue stick
  • Crayons (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Pushpin
  • Dowel rod or wooden pencil
  • Hammer

Step One: Glue together the two pieces of paper. Contrasting colors will create a dramatic effect.

Step Two (optional): color one or both of sides of the paper.

Step Three: Fold the shorter end of the paper to meet the long end. Make a crease.

Step Four: Cut off excess paper to make a square.

Step Five: Make another crease by folding the corner’s together.

Step Six: Cut into each corner approximately four inches, following the crease.

Step Seven: Bring every other corner to the center of the square. Glue the tip down in the center. Press down until for two minutes to give the glue time to dry.

Step Eight: Use the hammer to push the tack into the dowel rod. This is just to start the hole. Pull the tack out.

Step Nine:  Push the tack through the center of the paper. Make sure that it goes through all layers.

Step Ten: Push the tack into the hole in the dowel rod. Make sure you leave enough room for the pinwheel to spin.

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