Gunderson, Barry, Song and Dance, 2000

Barry Gunderson
Image courtesy of Mark Flatch

Barry Gunderson
Song and Dance, 2000
Aluminum, Brick Pavers and Concrete
Location: Lincoln Park Civic Commons

Barry Gunderson’s sculpture Song and Dance features a choreographed arrangement of four 16-foot tall figures. One hand on the ground, one high in the air, bodies arched, these figures salute all who enter the Commons area. The sculpture honors the many who exercise, fish or just take a stroll through Lincoln Park, those on the way to a concert or performance at the Fraze Pavilion.

Barry Gunderson resides in Gambier, Ohio, where he teaches sculpture in the Art Department at Kenyon College. Gunderson received a Bachelor of Arts from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Colorado in Boulder. He has had sculptures commissioned throughout the U.S. and extensively in Ohio.


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