Minekov, Velislav, Untitled, 2002

Untitled - Minekov

Image courtesy of Mark Flatch

Velislav Minekov (Bulgaria)
Untitled, 2002
Indiana Limestone
Location: Indian Riffle Park

Velislav Minekov’s Untitled sculpture weighs approximately 13,500 pounds and depicts a recurring theme from his artwork, incorporating stalactites which are leg and foot extensions sandwiched between a parted egg shape. The whimsical nature of his work is well known throughout Bulgaria.

Velislav Minekov was born and resides in Sofia, Bulgaria. He received an undergraduate degree in the arts from the National Lyceum of Fine Arts in 1978 and Masters of Arts in Sculpture from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia. As a student, he held a position as Visiting Student in Hamburg, Germany, at the Academy of Fine Arts. He has also served as senior lecturer and Assistant Professor at the National Academy of Fine Arts for six years.

His work is included in private collections and exhibitions in Germany, Bulgaria, Italy and Morocco. He is very active in the arts global community and is presently a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists and the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers. He is a board member of the Professional Sculptors in Bulgaria, member of the Union of Professional Artists in Germany, and Special Commission for Monuments and Sculpture in Bulgaria.

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