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Rosewood is … For the Community

Posted on February 13, 2024

Wheel pottery at Rosewood Arts Center.

For almost 40 years, the Rosewood Arts Center has served as a thriving hub of creativity, culture and community right in the heart of Kettering as part of the Kettering Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts (PRCA) Department. The newly renovated center not only provides opportunities for all ages to engage in the arts, but acts as a consistent gathering place where residents can explore, learn, connect and grow.

“Our goal is to remove any perceived barriers to the arts,” said Shayna McConville, Division Manager of Cultural Arts for Kettering PRCA. “From experiencing artwork in a local park or enrolling in a drawing class, these interactions contribute to our quality of life and how we connect to our worlds, no matter how big or small those may be.”

With dozens of free programs offered each year, Rosewood welcomes the neighborhood to gallery openings, hands-on art experiences, cultural performances and more. Major events like Art on the Playground and Art on the Commons deliver huge community participation and turnout.

Rosewood is truly an accessible and inclusive home for creativity. Whether you’re a working artist looking to showcase your art, a student developing a lifelong curiosity for the arts or a community member seeking shared experiences, there is something for you here. That creative spark exists at all skill levels, from the extreme beginner to the professional artist.

Recent renovations and facility upgrades have allowed Rosewood to expand upon the community role it has played over decades. Now is a new moment to rediscover the possibilities of Rosewood Arts Center, and see the value it brings to Kettering each and every day. Rosewood is…For the Community!

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