FAQ Topic: Programs, Classes & Events

Why are 3 prices listed for adult and senior programs?

Adults over the age of 55 can join the Lathrem Senior Center.  This membership provides a discount for all adult and senior programs.  The three prices are for CIL members, residents of Kettering and non-residents of Kettering.  Regardless of residency, CIL members receive the CIL discounted price.

Are there Senior Specific exercise classes?

Yes!  The Lathrem Senior Center offers 6 different drop-in exercise classes  4 days a week. Classes take place both morning and evening.  Lathrem members receive a discount on these classes. Learn more about senior programs in Kettering.

What is home school sports?

This program is structured like a school gym class.  Our staff will provide fun and healthy activities for the children.  We will also focus on teaching a different sport each day.  The kids will learn how to play the sport and the basic rules of it.  Kids are grouped based on age as much as possible. … Continued

What do I need to bring to day camps?

When you arrive to camp you need to bring your medical form, water bottle, lunch (if all day) and/or a snack. Some camps go to the water park and you will need to bring sunscreen and a towel. We ask that campers wear gym shoes for active play, at any time!

Is adult sports registration done by team or as individuals?

All adult sport leagues are currently registered as teams.  Some adult pick-up programs are offered that allows adults to sign up as individuals.  Occasionally, the leagues will get enough interest from individuals that an entire team can be formed based off of individual registrations.

How do I register for an adult sports league?

There are two ways to register for an adult sports league.  Registration can be done in person at the Kettering Recreation Complex front desk.  Payments are accepted with credit card, cash, or check.  In addition, registration can be done over the phone 937-296-2587.  This requires credit card payment.

Can I register late for sports programs?

We do accept late registration for most sports activities.  However, many of our leagues do fill up and if a league is full then late registration may not be available.  Also, once league games start no further late registrations will be accepted.

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