FAQ Topic: Resident Rate Information

Residency Requirements

To receive the resident rate for passes, programs or facility rentals, your household must be listed in our database as a resident household. To qualify for resident status you must live, work or own property in the City of Kettering. When setting up your household, you will be asked if you qualify for the resident … Continued

Do you offer a senior discount?

Yes!  Charles I Lathrem Senior Center members receive discounts on programs and passes.  The cost for residents to join Lathrem is $34 per year and $51 per year for non-residents.  

Can I receive a resident discount?

Yes, for almost all of our programs their is a resident rate and non-resident rate.  You will have to check with the specific program to see these resident discounts.  Please keep in mind that proof of residency is required the first time you sign up for a program.  After that your name and residency will … Continued

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