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John's work is a reflection of his life, whimsical and frequently unpredictable. Influenced by bright color combinations found in tropical plants and the unusual forms of saltwater ocean creatures, John shows an affinity for forms with unexpected adornments.

While having deep respect for richly finished durable wood that has fine details, pleasing proportions, and function John believes the use of fine wood designs made in this vain can be integrated with various glass art to elevate the beauty of the piece as a whole. Diana's main source of inspiration is her uncle, who successfully ran a stained glass business specializing in the restoration of many antique pieces. As a wildlife biologist, she is also greatly inspired by the natural world. While creating many stained glass pieces, Diana has explored and created within other avenues of glass, including fusing and mosaics as well.

Kathy is drawn to the illusion of texture & movement in glass. Referencing fossil forms, her work suggests a sort of time suspension like that of an ancient insect trapped in amber. The finished work is affected by its surroundings and so further influences will come to bear on the final art piece.

Bob uses ancient and modern glass making techniques to fuel his main two motivations, exploring the material, and altering light. Bob's work has led him to invent new ways to advance the craft of making stained glass windows. Subjects include sun, rain, earth and water and are subservient to making optically interesting glass.

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