National Parks & Recreation Month Patron Feature: Dan Lewis

Posted on July 9, 2021

dan lewis

Over eight years ago, a doctor told Dan Lewis to make some changes to his lifestyle.  Lewis, who works in Kettering, took the doctor’s advice and began frequenting the Kettering Fitness and Wellness Center (KFWC) adjacent to the Trent Arena. New to exercise, Lewis began on treadmills, and soon began to see results.  He added gym equipment to his routine, and within a few years, Lewis had lost 44 pounds. He had also gained a number of new friends.

Along with fellow members, the KFWC staff was particularly impactful in Lewis’ experience. “I got to know the people here and I can name them all,” he said. “They go out of their way to always make me feel welcome. They are like family.”  When the pandemic closed gyms last spring, Lewis tried to keep up his workout routine at home, but it wasn’t the same.  “Once I heard that the KFWC was opening back-up, I was excited to get back,” said Lewis. He comes in almost every day of the week, and KFWC members and staff are always glad to see him. “He’s like a celebrity here,” said staff, noting he will often help new members with equipment and make them feel welcome.

“Everyone gets along here,” said Lewis. “If only the rest of the world was like this!”

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