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Robert works to achieve a sense of place and time through his work; to build an emotional connection between the image, the subject, and the media it's printed on.

Photography for Derek is a deeper way of engaging with the world around him, something that he hopes to impart to others who view and purchase his work.

Jim uses high speed photography as a means to capture a world that is rarely seen, and often overlooked, allowing him to forever capture events that occur in a less than a ten thousandth of a second.

While all the colors of the Rainbow are present in the deep blue sea, they're not able to be seen by the naked eye until artificial light is shone upon them. Dealing specifically in the macro world, Amy is able to represent all vibrant colors easily with little to no alterations of the original image. (email this artist directly to learn more about their work)

The solitude of the Irish and Scottish landscapes have changed little Throughout history. Losing himself to the countryside has made Dan's photographs timeless.

Inspired by the importance of portable art and a desire to share the unique spirit of her neighborhood, Jess strives to achieve the potential of tile-as-canvas. For over 15 years, Jess has aimed to help preserve history, document change, and celebrate the places she works and lives in. Jess has also begun introducing other locales including Paris, Chicago, Dayton and more.

There is so much beauty and wonder in our world that most people never see. Jay likes to call attention to the artistry that exists in the subtle and small things that otherwise would be overlooked.

Moments of soft luminance and pastel color, summon serenity. Cool misty air and water painted by the sky affirm a new day. The shutter clicks; a memory to take away.

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