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The benefits of art making for kids

Posted on March 20, 2018

duct tapeWe all know that when kids make art, it promotes creativity. We also know that creativity is extremely important for a child’s development. But artmaking at a young age has many more benefits to kids’ physical, emotional and mental well being. Read on to find out more.

Motor skill development
Scribbling with markers and crayons is a skill that sets the foundation for learning to write. Holding a paintbrush, stringing beads, and cutting with scissors all hone fine motor skills, which aids in things like learning to tie shoes, fastening buttons, holding utensils and many more daily activities.

Self-esteem and self-expression
Mastering skills, completing art projects and learning to express themselves in new ways helps kids gain confidence and perseverance. These things also help kids come up with positive emotional responses to stressful situations. Time-dependent projects, like waiting for paint and glue to dry, encourage patience, which is tough for most kids. Concentrating on a project for long periods also develops focus and longer attention spans.

Visual processing and memory
Painting, drawing and sculpting help develop visual-spatial skills, especially in toddlers. These skills help kids analyze what they see and make choices based on visual information. Creating arts and crafts projects also assists with developing executive function, which includes working memory, mental flexibility and self-control. Creative play and activities are a key way of developing these necessary traits. These traits guide your child’s ability to plan his or her behavior, which is essential to academic success.

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