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Ed has been fortunate to work with wood throughout his career. As a Log Home builder for over 30 years, he learned the intricacies of combining a primitive look with fine joinery. This has then been extended into my Ed's woodworking to create products made from hardwoods with unique patterns and vibrant colors, using simple designs and soft edges to create wood art which combine function and beauty. The hardwoods are all indigenous to Ed's home. All work is hand crafted in Madison, Indiana. (email this artist directly to learn more about their work)

As a wood turner and an outdoor enthusiast, Mark is often inspired by natural elements. He is continually amazed by what nature provides in downed trees. Mark strives through his artwork to give a dying or dead tree new life by re-purposing it into a fresh turning.

Driven by a passion for nature, one of the things most rewarding for Steve is turning the wood from fallen trees into functional and decorative art and giving these trees the next chapter in their story. Each item is a one-of-a-kind piece made by hand. Steve's biggest hope is that people will pass his work down to their families, continuing to live on and telling a story.

Robert finds true joy in his medium, putting a lot of detail into each board that he creates. The icing on the cake for Robert is when someone can truly appreciate the beauty within his products.

While having deep respect for richly finished durable wood that has fine details, pleasing proportions, and function John believes the use of fine wood designs made in this vain can be integrated with various glass art to elevate the beauty of the piece as a whole. Diana's main source of inspiration is her uncle, who successfully ran a stained glass business specializing in the restoration of many antique pieces. As a wildlife biologist, she is also greatly inspired by the natural world. While creating many stained glass pieces, Diana has explored and created within other avenues of glass, including fusing and mosaics as well.

Mike and Debbie believe that the beauty found in wood should be emphasized in the articles they create, using traditional time honored woodworking methods. They carefully select wood for each project to show that nature is the true artist.

Tom is a 7th generation wood worker and has been a successful working woodworker for over 50 yrs. His inspiration comes from designs and patterns that all around him, many based on the number 3, giving him the opportunity to create layered bowls with stacked patterns that seem to swirl up the side of the bowl. Tom prefers creating functional pieces that can be used and enjoyed by households for many years.

Chris's work is a partnership with nature. His part is simply to expose the beauty that is all around us! (email this artist directly to learn more about their work)

Having worked with wood for over 40 years, Micheal has experimented in many different forms, include furniture, but finds his true passion is in using reclaimed wood, and turning it into something that people can use and pass on to future generations. (email this artist directly to learn more about their work)

David is motivated to find new and exciting shapes that can be formed with a lathe. Sometimes the wood dictates the shape, or the final shape may be changed as the process continues. Items are sometimes embellished off the lathe by carving, wood burning or coloring.

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