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How learning to fish benefits kids

It’s hard to teach kids patience in a world driven by screens, schedules and instant gratification. One surprisingly beneficial way to teach the beauty of slowing down is by going fishing. Did you know that you can fish for free without a license at Pondview Park, Lincoln Park, Delco Park and the Kettering Recreation Complex? … Continued

Kettering is proud to be a “Tree City USA”

If you’re like most people, you might have spent more time indoors this winter, eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring. Since this is Ohio, we can’t really ever be sure if it has truly arrived, but it’s safe to say it’s near. As you and your family venture out more this time of year, take … Continued

Bee the Change

What’s happening to all the bees? Due to a variety of factors, bees have been on the decline for several years. You’ve probably heard a lot about this already! Curious about what the deal is and wondering how to help? Scroll down to learn more. The buzz on bees Yes, bees make honey, but they … Continued

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